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The Organico Spreads and Dips story

For over 20 years the focus of the family, that makes our spreads and dip, has been on the use of ingredients that are available to them, on their own farm. They believe that organic should be the norm and as a result their land is 100% organic.

Over the years the family has diversified the business, so as to be able to protect the processing of their produce. They are now able to manage the entire production of each jar of vegetable spread, from field to table.

The Organico range is made choosing to stick with tradition. Our recipes use sundried tomatoes picked and dried in their own fields, olives selected from their own trees, and artichokes carefully cut and diced by their employees. They are protective of our recipes, their own grown ingredients, as well as all the staff they employ to turn them into the end product.

Location fact file:

Province of Apulian in South-eastern Italy. The land is good for farming, and is well known for the olives that are grown here.

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Spring Artichoke
Spead and Dip

Roasted Pepper
Spread and Dip

Aegean Garlic
Spread and Dip


Roasted Aubergine
Spread and Dip

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