The Rubata Story

Organico’s new Rubata range sees the traditional breadstick reborn with the benefits of new nutrition.

Made partly by hand using either wheat or whole spelt flour, and extra virgin olive oil, in an artisan bakery,
our four distinct new flavours are baked to crunchy perfection. Low in naturally occurring sugars, with no
added sugar, Organico Rubata are a great source of Fibre, utilising nutrient-dense ingredients such as
sesame, flax, quinoa, turmeric, and chia, alongside simple yet striking flavours of tomato, carrot, and
traditional Italian hard cheese. Fine food snacking has never tasted so good.

Carrot Rubata: High in Fibre, Low in Sugars, No added sugar, Vegan

Just nine simple ingredients baked to crunchy perfection. Ancient grain flour blended with carrot and
combined with nutrient dense hemp, quinoa and chia seeds – all lightly spiced with vibrant turmeric.

Cheese Rubata: Source of Protein, Low in sugars, No added sugar, Vegetarian
Just five simple ingredients baked to golden, crunchy perfection. An elegant blend of freshly grated
Italian hard cheese, Italian extra virgin olive oil and sea salt delivers a luxurious modern touch to the
‘traditional’ breadstick.

Tomato Rubata: Source of Fibre, Low in Sugars, No added sugar, Vegan

Just seven simple ingredients baked to crunchy perfection. A classic mix of tomato and oregano,
with a touch of paprika for colour and warmth, brings the ‘traditional’ breadstick into the modern era.
Seeded Rubata: High in Fibre, Source of Protein, Low in Sugars, No added sugar, Vegan

Just eight simple ingredients baked to crunchy perfection. New-nutrition crafted with rustic charm brings
a delightfully modern twist on the ‘traditional’ breadstick. Nutrient dense sesame, flax, amaranth and
sunflower seeds lovingly enveloped in ancient grain flour deliver a uniquely hearty flavour explosion.



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Carrot Rubata

Cheese Rubata

Seeded Rubata


Tomato Rubata



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