Speciality Rice and Risotto

The Organico rice story

Benedetto Picco and his wife moved to the Po Valley region to follow their passion of sharing their love of rice with the world. They felt it important that rice production was combined with respect for the environment in which it was grown.

This is a belief that still drives the family. Growing rice on their current farm since 1935, the family continues to protect traditional methods, whilst pursuing innovation for better quality and taste. 
The family also run and endorse conservation and educational projects on their own land.

The family works within a co-op of other local families which means they can now pack and develop the rice further. It also means they can now mill their own rice, through a stone milling process whereby the rice is husked, more gently than other outsourced methods, thus helping to preserve the nutritional and taste qualities of the grain.

A wide range of typical and newer varieties of rice are grown on their land. This means the Organico range includes black, red and white rice, great for rissotto and other rice dishes. 

Location fact file:

Growing rice on their current farm since 1935 in
Po Valley region.


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Nerone Black Rice

Risotto Rice

Wild Red Rice




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