Did You Know It’s Organic September?

That’s right! So what makes September different? 

Well, firstly Organic September means a whole load of special offers, events and competitions throughout the entire month! We've recently finished our competition to win a one-on-one day with Organic chef Daphne Lambert, but there is plenty more to come in the next 30 days.

Secondly, however, it’s a chance to spread awareness about how important it is to invest in sustainable farming and Organic produce. Also known as Organic Harvest Month, there are so many good reasons to switch to Organic. Organic farming practices reduce carbon dioxide and energy levels, while protecting wildlife and soil. Going organic is also a great way to support local co-operatives and family enterprises whose emphasis is on quality and ethics.

Here at Organico every month is Organic, and we can’t wait to get involved in talking about it for thirty especially organic days!

You can check out the Soil Association’s list of events and see what’s going on near you here.

What’s more, you can find us at the Roman Road Yard Market in London on 10th September where we’ll be selling a whole range of products from Organico and other brands.
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