Mediterranean Condiments

The Organico condiments story

Our organico condiment vegetables are grown, prepared and packed by one family. Sourcing this way, from grower-producers, means that more income is kept on the land.
The family, workforce, farming practices and delicious products are bound to a commitment to protecting the environment.

See our condiment vegetable supplier video for the whole story.

Location fact file:

The Vegetables used in all of our condiment vegetable products come from a family farm in the Foggia region of Southern Italy.


Mediterranean Condiments (Vegetables in Jars)

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Raw Vegan Pesto

Sundried Tomatoes
in a herb marinade

Semi-dried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil

Artichoke hearts
in a herb marinade

Grilled Peppers
in extra virgin olive oil

Organic Capers in Brine
(small jar)

Organic Capers in Brine
(large jar)

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