Breadsticks and Crackers

The Organico Breadsticks and Crackers story

Carlo and Teresa Mosca founded the company in 1990. The development of a passion to take on an established Italian oven and bread company, and utilise their technical working experience, saw the pair establish innovative methods of production that are complementary to the belief in products being slowly and naturally leavened, preserving natural goodness and unique flavour.

Production continues to champion these techniques. This has led to each subsequent decade being defined by a list of innovative moves from detailed research into allergy and dietary needs, the introduction of increased and vast quality assurance practices, and most recently a new production site.

The company visits suppliers frequently for quality assessment as well as investing in long-established relationships. Endorsing Italian, traditional and organic agriculture. The Organico range is created for natural goodness and unique flavour.

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Grissini Classico
with extra virgin olive oil

Sesame Grissini

Omega 3 Grissini

Spelt Grissini

Grissini Torinesi

Croccantini Classic

Croccantini Chilli

Croccantini Rosemary

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