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We love the Mediterranean diet, the fact that it is a constant on the ever changing “healthy diet” league tables, its nutritional qualities and its great taste are just a few of our reasons.

We choose to work with suppliers that look out for the environment. We do this because we know quality starts from the soil in which the raw ingredients are grown, and the people that make the product.

Our suppliers are passionate about the food they produce, using only organic, raw ingredients, the best production techniques to retain nutrition, and recipes that protect the natural taste of the ingredients.

The Organico range includes breadsticks and crackers, Mediterranean condiments, olive oil and vinegars, olives, pasta sauces, speciality pastas, rice, spreads and dips and Tuscan tomato products.


We value the environment, animals, health and the people that are associated with our products. It is why we have decided to create only quality, organic products (See our choice for Organic here), work with suppliers that share our ethical values, and keep informed about the industry, the environment and the food story.

We choose to connect with experts, from field to scientific studies, so that our practices are always supporting the wider moves, toward a sustainable and fair food system.


None of our products contain artificial additives, colouring or preservatives (with the exception of the harmless additives, allowed under organic regulations).

We choose to support people that are passionate about food quality, about provenance and good business practice. All our suppliers are either small family businesses or co-operative producers, all of them endorsing their beliefs through the businesses they run and the products they produce.

Each supplier has a story to tell (and usually a specific cause that they support), and in our relationship with them we look to create a partnership that is supportive and looks to address problems together, and provides continuity over many years.

Every one of the suppliers we work with is inspected and audited by us, but we love that they endorse our beliefs of entirely natural, selected ingredients and processes, alongside our pursuit of ethical and sustainable working practices, because they are already pursuing similar ends themselves.

We will not demand ‘unfair’ prices from suppliers that can result in them being forced to sell at below cost.

We do not and will not use air freight for any products we import into the UK - or export elsewhere.

Find out more about how we do business, and our other brands that endorse the same values.

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